Advanced Project Safety Management Training


The course is designed around safety and project management with emphasis on key skill areas required to drive a succesful project while achieving maximum safety performance. The training brings home how individuals and organizations can develop, make use of, and draw knowledge from both safety & project Management to become an efficient Project/HSE Manager, meet stakeholders expectations, meet legal obligations and achieve project success.

Who Should Attend

The course is for mid and senior level management personnel including Project Managers, Safety Practitioners, Regulators, Engineers, Project Team members and Personnel who wish to increase their knowledge and experience in safety and project management. Designed to make you succesful in your role and influential within your organization.

Course Content

The course includes the following:

  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Learn to use Project Software-MS Project Tools
  • Mastering the skills to become an efficient and effective project manager
  • Developing a project management plan
  • Project scheduling and safety practitioners' intervention
  • Developing a project charter
  • Risk management strategy for a project
  • Developing a project monitoring and control activities
  • Influencing design management strategy for a project
  • Pre-construction information and site set-up
  • Project team, organiization, roles & responsibilities
  • Leading a project start-up meeting
  • Communication & construction strategy
  • Safety management systems and its key elements integration in a project
  • Project Health & Safety plan and its contents
  • Hazard identification and common hazards on a project
  • Risk assesment & principle of control auditing
  • Cordination & control of contractors
  • Project handover - H & S file


Upon successful completion, participants will be awarded a Certificate

9th -12th 4 Days N185.000
FEBRUARY 24,26,28 4 Days
MARCH Lagos 6-9 4 Days N185,000 Book Now
APRIL 16-20
MAY Lagos 24 - 27 4 Days N185,000 Book Now
JUNE 25-28 4 Days
JULY Lagos 31 - 3rd of Aughust 4  Days N185,000 Book Now
AUGUST Lagos 27-30 4 Days N185,000
OCTOBER Lagos 25- 28 4Days N185,000 Book Now
NOVEMBER Lagos 27th - 29th 4 Days N185,000
DECEMBER 26-29 4Days