Boating and Marine Safety-safety Training

Boating & Marine Safety Training

boating and marine safety

KCL will provide course participants', with the requisite Boating Safety knowledge to allow your workers manage working and movement accross water activities safely.

Training will be implemented through a combination ofappropraite theory and group exercises providing knowledge and skills to boat and work safely in a marine environment.

Course Content

The One-Day training course is design to cover international standards and best practices for carrying out marine and boating activities. The course contents includes the following:

  • 14 steps to safe Boating
  • Basic First Aid for boating team
  • Personal Floating Devies
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Sound signals
  • Hazardous Conditions
  • Loading and unloading
  • Accidents & Reporting
  • Practical Risk Assesment Group session
  • Risk Assesment Report

Many workers believe the can regain their balance and survive drowning boating and when working in marine environment but this is not always the case

Boat capsides happen quickly and can suprise people who have worked in a marine environment most of their lives. in fact, most drowning injuries occur when people become comfortable with working on or above water and complacent with safety procedures.

People oftne don't think about safety until there is an injury. But we all have a moral, legal and financial obligation to do so. You never know when your safety measures will save your life.

Who Should attend

The course is for all personnel who wish to increase their knowledge and experience in working, supervising and managing work on, above and accross water including boating and marine operations.


Certificate of attendance to be issued at the end of the course and would have to be validated yearly.

Business Benefit
  • Assist your organisation in complying with the law
  • Protection of the company’s assets from fire outbreak.
  • Evidence of company commitments to HSE during competitive bidding.
  • Greater productivity as fewer hours are lost due to fire incident.
  • Improved company-wide safety awareness culture and appreciation for safety measures.
  • Active staff involvement to improve the work place.
  • Enhanced reputation

Course Brochure
JANUARY 26th -28th 3Days
FEBRUARY Lagos 20th -22nd 3Days N55,000 Book Now
APRIL Lagos 11th - 13th 3Days N55,000 Book Now
JULY Lagos 21st -23rd 3Days N 55,000 Book Now
SEPTEMBER Lagos 14th - 16th 3Days N55,000 Book Now
OCTOBER Lagos 2nd - 4th 3Days N55,000
DECEMBER Lagos 14th - 16th 3 Days N 55,000 Book Now