Environmental Protection & Polution Control


Course Contents
  1. Introducing Environmental Management
  2. Basic definitions and terms in Environmental Management
  3. Project Management : Principles and Application of Project Management in the Oil & Gas Industry
  4. Roles and responsibilities of Duty Holders in Environmental Protection and Pollution Control
  5. Types of Wastes and Classification
  6. Sources of wastes
  7. The Impact of Process Industry on the Environment.
  8. Hierarchy of waste and pollution control
  9. Waste prevention, reduction, minimisation
  10. ISO 14001 Requirements: Environmental Management System (EMS)
  11. Benefits of EMS

Learning Outcome
Once this part is completed, learners should be able to have a good understanding of how to cut down on environmental impacts. Most of all, learners should be able to:
  • Describe what is meant by the ‘environment’ and give the definitions of pollution and waste.
  • Identify different types of waste including examples of industrial waste streams contributing to air, land and water pollution
  • Explain the impact of industry on the environment.
  • Outline the hierarchy of waste and pollution control
  • Explain the main elements of an environmental management system.
Delegates will receive a certificate of completion after successful completion ofthe course and assessments.

Delegate Category:

The course is appropriate for all category of worker (entry (low level),mid-level and senior level management staff / employee) who work in any sector.
Course Duration:1 day

Course fee per participants: N75,000