Inventor (Autodesk) Training

Autodesk Inventor is a computer-aided design application for creating 3D digital prototypes used in the design, visualization and simulation of products. Inventor takes your mechanical designs beyond 3D to Digital Prototyping. It also provides an integrated set of tools for 3D mechanical design and documentation, creating routed systems, and digitally validating design data to save money and time.

Some of the important features includes:
  • Creating a Project
  • Overview of the User Interface
  • The Heads-Up Display
  • Drawing Sketches for the Solid Models
  • Sketch Constraints and Dimensions
  • Converting a Profile to a 3D model
  • Mini-Toolbar Customisation
  • The Marking Menu
  • Marking Menu Customization
  • Editing Profiles
  • View Cube and Navigation Bar
  • Advanced Modeling Tools
  • Custom Material Libraries
  • Multi-Body Sheet Metal Modeling
  • Working with sheet metal components
  • Introduction to weldments
  • Working with drawing views
  • Modifying inventor options and using special tools
  • Features on multi-body sheets
  • Reducers and Runs
  • Custom animations
  • Building assemblies and testing
  • Finite Element Analysis(FEA): Parts and assembly stress analysis


Inventor’s integrated motion simulation and assembly stress analysis environment enables users input driving loads, friction characteristics, and dynamic components, and then run dynamic simulation tests to see how a product will work under real-world conditions. The simulation tools can help users optimize strength and weight, identify high-stress areas, identify and reduce unwanted vibrations, and size motors and actuators to reduce energy consumption. Inventor’s Finite element analysis (FEA) lets users validate component design by testing how parts perform under loads (using actual load information instead of estimates).

Furthermore, Inventor’s Parametric Studies and Optimization technology lets users modify design parameters from within the assembly stress environment and compare various design options, then update the 3D model with the optimized parameters.

In this Inventor training course, you will learn how to create structurally sound models and assemblies. The Inventor course includes part and assembly files, Excel files, images, and exercises/practice. Inventor software brings mechanical, engineering and product design productivity to new heights and shortens design cycle times.

Course Duration: 5 days plus work base project