Managment of International Oil and Gas Safety

Course Contents
  1. Risk Management Techniques used in the Oil & Gas Industry
  2. Design Hazard Management:Inherent Safety Design, Safety Engineering, Procedural Safety including Design Considerations for Plant Design, Human Engineering, Maintenance, Fire Protection etc.
  3. Project Management : Principles and Application of Project Management in the Oil & Gas Industry
  4. Pressure Vessel and Storage Tank Operations and Maintenance
  5. Failure Modes in Storage Tank and Pressure Vessel:Stress Corrosion Cracking, Thermal Shock, Brittle Fraction, Failure of the Annular rim on a storage tank, Weld failures etc.
  6. Hazards and Risk in Tank Overfilling, Types of Tanks, Storage Tanks Construction &Bunding
  7. Road Tankers Hazards: Loading facilities, Tanker Loading and Offloading, LNG Ships, BLEVE’s, CVCE’s and UCVCE’s
  8. Pipelines Protection and Maintenance: subsea pipeline fire and explosion risk mitigation, Illegal tapping and terrorist protection including leak detection.
  9. Construction Safety Management in Oil & Gas Environment: Fire Protection and Emergency Response, Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPS) , Contractors Management and Safety case (Offshore) and Safety Report (Onshore), Permit to Work, and Risk Assessment.
End of course assessments
Candidates are formally assessed by means of an examination, the written examination consists of multi-choice questions.

Delegate Category
The course is appropriate for all category of worker (entry level, mid-level and senior level management staff / employee) who work in the process or oil & gas industry

Certificates will be awarded to delegates at the end of the training

Course fee per participants:N325,000