Piping and Instrumentation Diagram Training (P&ID)

Course Content

The course includes the following:

  • Development of Block Flow Diagram Development of Process flow diagram
  • Major pieces of equipment
  • Utility streams
  • Understanding process unit symbolization
  • Valve symbology
  • Process flow streams
  • Stream numbering & drawings
  • Stream Information
  • Basic control loops
  • Development of process equipments symbols & numbering
  • Instrumentation symbology
  • Signal lines symbology
  • Principal of P&ID
  • Types of process control loop
  • Types of process control loop Development of Piping and Instrumentation Diagram
  • Basic loop
  • Temp. sensors
  • Flow sensors
  • Transmitter
  • Controller
  • process

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course participants should be able to know:

  • Recognise all the piping and Instrumentation symbol
  • Choose situable symbols and develope the piping systems and the specicification of the process Instrumentation, equipment, piping, valves, fittings;and their arrangement in P and ID for a process plant design

Who Should attend

This course is for Engineers and all personnel who work in the process,Oil and Gas including FCMG industries who wished to increase their knowledge and experience in P and ID


Certificate will be issued by the Oil and Gas Safety Council(OGSC) to all participant

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