Project Safety Management Training



By offering compliance site management, CDM co-ordinator role, and project / programme health and safety assurance services, we have delivered support to many clients and helped them to achieve a safe and accident free working environment. We can help our clients to construct assets that meet the requirements of legislation, and we have a broad and deep understanding of how effective safety, health and environmental management can support an on-time, on-cost build.

When you need the support of specialized organisation that can offer HSE expertise in the execution of various sector projects (civil engineering, mechanical, electrical, manufacturing, oil and gas, aviation etc.) without safety incidents, then KCL is the right company to engage.

The scope of our services includes but not limited to:

  • Fulfilling a position of Project Safety Manager with daily full working time engagement with your project team.
  • Review, evaluation and verification of method statements provided by contractors for different kind of works.
  • Providing trained safety personnel who will supervise contractors on sights. Providing daily / weekly / monthly site report including KPIs.
  • Contractors’ competency assessment and evaluation.
  • Using goals and performance targets to design or develop a positive health and safety policy
  • Producing external and in-house publications on health and safety
  • Identifying and evaluating project HSE risks.
  • Identifying potential and actual loss events and making recommendations
  • Developing or implementing a risk assessment and control strategy from design to decommissioning of project facilities
  • Devising or implementing health and safety risk control or reduction measures
  • Developing or implementing health and safety emergency response systems and contingency plans and procedures
  • Developing or implementing health and safety audit systems and formulating report


Upon successful completion, participants will be awarded a Certificate

9th -11th 2 Days N125000
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MAY Lagos 24th - 25th,2017 2 Days N125,000 Book Now
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