Research and Publications

KCL Consultants are seasoned researchers who are passionate about HSE research works and publications.One of our Consultants recently published an article titled “Priority Purchase” on procurement risks with IOSH SHP Magazine, UK.

The article was published in SHP Magazine and considers the legal issues involved in procurement,discusses how to mitigate any health and safety risks that may arise,and how health and safety practitioners should communicate these risks, both internally and to their contractors. Please see page 4&38-41 of SHP-March edition.

Thus, whether it is external or internal publications our team of HSE experts can provide organisations with the support they need to ensure successful publications of HSE information. Also, KCLcan assist in developing and implementing communication systems between different areas of an organisation.

KCL can also work with organisation's management team in identifying, selecting and evaluating available and current sources of health and safety information for dissemination internally and externally.