We provide a full range of Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) consultancy services designed to deliver effective solutions in any sphere of private and public sector activity, anywhere in the world.

Our reputation is based on a single-minded commitment to find the best solution to achieving the greatest advantage for every client – the capacity to see the potential for going beyond the expected, and the capability to put potential into practice.

That commitment has helped us to build long term partnerships with an ever increasing number of clients who value the difference we make to their business, and to their success.

As a licensed training provider with IOSH, ABIOSH and Lagos State Safety Commission approved registered consultant, we are fully committed to HSE whether it is to our own staff, those with whom we work or others that are affected by our undertakings.

We have taken what we do internally and developed the same approach when delivering our services for clients and have been appointed to manage all aspects of HSE at all stages of an asset’s lifecycle and across the majority of sectors.

Positive safety management

  • It shouldn’t be just about compliance
  • It should support and enhance your business aims
  • It should cut costs and improve efficiency
  • HSE management is often perceived as just another bureaucratic burden that obstructs the delivery of your business plan and increases your costs- It doesn’t have to be.

    Our experience with a wide range of clients across all sectors proves that we can provide solutions that integrate with and support your business vision and strategies. We can deliver solutions specific to your business – solutions that improve your efficiency and cut the cost and bureaucracy created by the poor quality strategies that give HSE and risk reduction management a bad name.

    Compliance, or good business sense?
    Our approach to HSE management is not focused on compliance. In our experience, this often results in a box-ticking exercise that offers you very little value or benefit.

    Our primary focus is to develop solutions aligned to your business undertakings, vision and objectives – solutions that create tangible cost benefits and efficiency savings for you first and foremost, and compliance as a natural result.

    Support when and where you need it
    We have the capability to provide a full range of HSE management services from our global network of partners, wherever in the world you operate. We invest heavily in the development of our talent and our capability to provide a world-class service.

    Our team of highly qualified HSE consultants have many years of industry experience, and a passion for adding value through exceptional delivery.