Kevron | 3D Modeling with AutoCAD Plant 3D


AutoCAD Plant 3D, a product of Autodesk Inc, is a plant layout design software. It is extensively used in the industry to create and modify the P&IDs and 3D models of the process plants. Built on the AutoCAD platform, this software allows you to carry out the design process in a project based manner.

Plant 3D comes along with AutoCAD P&ID which is used to create piping and instrumentation drawings. AutoCAD P&ID contains various piping and instrumentation symbols. These symbols, most of which are AutoCAD blocks with attributes, carry the intelligence of AutoCAD P&ID drawings.

What You Will Learn At a Glance

MainpropsLtd's AutoCAD Plant 3D training will help you to effectively use the designing tools in AutoCAD Plant 3D. The accompanying tutorials and exercises, which relate to real world projects, help you understand the usage and abilities of the tools available in the software.

You will learn how to setup a project, create and edit P&IDs, design a 3D Plant model, generate isometric/orthographic drawings, as well as how to publish and print drawings. The classes are structured in a logical sequence which make it easy to learn the features and capabilities of the software.



Creating a Project and P&IDs

Class Work 1

AutoCAD Plant 3D Drawing

Creating Equipment with AutoCAD Plant 3

AutoCAD Plant 3D Piping

Working Piping Specs and Tools

Adding Valves, Fittings, and Pipe Supports

Modifying Pipe Components Using Grips

AutoCAD Plant 3D Specifications and Catalogs,

Drawing Production in AutoCAD Plant 3D

Creating Orthographic Drawings

Managing Data and Creating Reports

What You Should Bring

Participants should bring a Laptop computer, a pen, sketch pad or note book.

N/B Laptops will be provided for those who do not have, it is however preferred that participants come with theirs as assignment on CAD software will require practice at home for perfection.

Who Should Attend


Software (fully installed on your system), eBooks, and we guarantee Knowledge transfer.

Training Features

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