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ABIOSH Awarding Body of International Occupational Safety and Health provides Qualifications for those working in the industry. ABIOSH provides an opportunity for those working in industry or looking to gain Continuous Professional Development qualifications in Health & Safety to study in any part of the world and gain accreditation to match relevant legislation requirements. We specialise in writing bespoke courses, to provide quality provision in the changing world. All our highly experienced staff are qualified and set a very high standard. We write quality course material that other providers can deliver. We assess those qualifications and provide certifications. For those working in the global Health and Safety industry ABIOSH is a must have qualification.

ABIOSH International Certificate in Construction Health & Safety

The construction course has been design to provide students with the knowledge and skills required to manage construction health and safety risk. The course would also support OSH practitioners who may require additional information on construction health and safety management. The course would also provide information for training and additional references at workplace,provide guidance to those sitting examination for the ABIOSH International Certificate in Construction Health and Safety Management.
The Construction course was developed using modern approach and techniques in managing risk on construction projects. It applies best practices, international legislations and applicable global standards in addressing construction activities. The course goes beyong compliance but how Practitioners can make reasonable sound judgement on management of risks within this sector that surpasses minimum standards as required by law.

26th - June 7th

ABIOSH International Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety Management

The International Certificate in Occupational health and Safety Management has been developed to provide a qualification based on standards of Managing Health and Safety in the International world of Health and Safety. To manage health and safety is a priority of all Governments in the modern world. Many health and safety practitioners are crossing over many borders to apply Health and Safety standards in various countries. Health and safety standards applied by OSHA, HSWA, European Directives, Worksafe OHSR and Law of the People’s Republic of China Work Safety, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria are some of the standards that are being implemented multi-culturally. The qualification is designed to award individuals a level of competence to manage health and Safety in the workplace and is a modern one based on the general requirements to manage Health and Safety in the current global climate.

2nd - 10th

Advanced Project Safety Management

The course is designed around safety and project management with emphasis on key skill areas required to drive a succesful project while achieving maximum safety performance. The training brings home how individuals and organizations can develop, make use of, and draw knowledge from both safety & project Management to become an efficient Project/HSE Manager, meet stakeholders expectations, meet legal obligations and achieve project success.

2nd - 10th

ABIOSH - International Technical Certificate in Oil and Gas Safety Operations

This qualification is the first of many Oil and Gas awards to be offered by ABIOSH.The oil and gas industry is a highly risk environment, therefore safety and health management is becoming an ever more important aspect in the control and reduction of accidents, incidents,

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