Kevron | Environmental Management & Sustainability

Current and emerging business realities place increasing demands on organisations for the practice of sound environmental management vis-à-vis sustainable growth and development.

The pace and dimensions of environmental change are now greater than at any other period in human history. Climate and land-use change, population growth, and urbanization are putting people, infrastructure, and environments at risk and are affecting critical resources such as water, food, and energy.

At KCL, we oversee the environmental performance of our clients and develop, implement and monitor strategies that promote sustainable production/manufacturing and service delivery by helping them to:

Excellent environmental outcomes are central to our day-to-day operations. KCL particularly develop and deliver sustainable, innovative, timely and cost-effective environmental solutions aiming to promote excellent and quality services that exceed client’s expectations and provide value for money.

The Principles of Inclusive Globalisation, Sustainable Banking and Green Economy amongst others, provide the needed frameworks required by organisations in the achievement of sustainable goods and services provision across board.

Many of the key social and environmental problems facing the world namely; poverty, ecological degradation, weather extremes, water shortages, and rising inequality are integrally linked to the pathways countries have taken to achieve economic growth. We recognize that fact and, can no longer afford to pursue growth strategies that negatively impact the well-being of communities and the environment.

Society has identified various valid reasons why attempts must be undertaken to protect and conserve the environment, while the concept of Sustainable Development answers what needs to be done to achieve these goals. Environmental Management represents a set of practical tools that attempts to answer HOW this will be done.

We believe it is a privilege to work in this exciting but challenging field of Environment and sustainability. We embrace the principles of quality assurance in all aspects of our services and are driven by a strong work ethics while offering a fresh perspective through a comprehensive and integrated approach to transparent, effective and efficient service delivery.