We provide QHSSE Professionals to support your project and offer QHSSE advisory services for your business. Our QHSSE experts will help you analyse projects/ work environment and design programs to control, eliminate, and prevent diseases or injuries.

We can provide you with competent experts across different discipline to support your project and / or business needs such as HSE Manager, QHSSE Coordinators, QHSSE Advisors, Project Safety Managers, Security Managers, Project Managers, and Construction Managers etc.

Kevron offers recruitment and vetting consultancy services to clients anywhere in the world. We provide a one-stop, best in class, value for money solutions to assist clients in offering recruitment and vetting services. Our aim is to be the recruitment consultant of your choice.

Our vision and objective is to build a progressive organisation across all industries by helping organisations in recruiting both part-time and/or full-time specialist professionals. This means we supply competent professionals across all industries.

Our personal networks of professionals are second to none and we excel at professional matchmaking across all industry sectors. Our networks continue to develop because our focus has always been as much on helping specialist professionals to find jobs as it is on helping employers to plan ahead and recruit the right people to fill their job vacancies.

We continually research the markets and develop our networks to find job opportunities for professionals at all levels, from graduate to director. We operate as Recruitment Agents, as Talent Partners, Vetting Agents, as Head-Hunters, as Campaign Managers and as Consultants, but above all we are matchmakers. Whichever way you refer to us, you can be assured that as your dedicated agent or agency, we will do our utmost to find the right match for you.

Our mission is to build long term sustainable relationships. This extends to our clients, our candidates, our suppliers, and our staff. We love building and nurturing these relationships every day. This is why clients and candidates use us time and time again and why our own staff turnover is so low. Our mission is at the heart of who we are as an organisation.

At Kevron, we help organisation recruit, retain and cultivate key talent. Your organization may have a specific short-term recruiting need that is just as mission critical as finding the right talent for the long-term.

Our streams of services include: